Cary and ADAM Audio

Roger Fortier, US distributor for ADAM Audio (Advanced Dynamic Audio Monitors), paired ADAM Column loudspeakers ($7500/pair) with Clarus Audio cabling from Tributaries and Cary’s CA0211 monoblocks ($20,000/pair), SLP-05 preamp ($6500) and Cary’s brand-new, prototype, full-function media streamer ($3995). Playing Christy Baron’s oft-heard “Ain’t No Sunshine When He’s Gone,” the system produced an exceptionally nice, warm midrange with an overall touch of sweetness. It also handled bass very well.

95% of ADAM Audio’s business involves supplying pro studios with monitors, I was told. “The Columns take pro technology into the home,” Fortier told me. The speaker’s tweeter, by Hanz Kleinz, is a handmade folded ribbon.