California Audio Labs Tercet Mk.III CD player Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

My listening venue remains, with the exceptions noted below, as described in my review of the Audio Research SP9 Mk.II and Counterpoint SA-3000 preamps (Vol.13 No.11). Both the preamps and the Quicksilver amps that drove the Acoustat Twos have been replaced with the Ensemble B-50 (Tiger) control amplifier plugged into an Ensemble Isotrans isolation transformer.

All system interconnect is Ensemble Supraflux, and speaker cable is Ensemble Hotline. The B-50 sits within arm's reach on an Arcici Superstructure II. All CDs used in listening evaluations were ringed with Sims Reference Bands. The system was left on for a period of at least 24 hours before any critical listening was done in order to let everything stabilize. Playback levels were matched using a Realistic Sound Level Meter.—Guy Lemcoe

California Audio Labs
Huntington Beach, CA 92641 (1991)
company no longer in existence (2020)

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I had purchased one of these based on this review back in the day ☹️. Still spinning vinyl.

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... saved $400 and bought a Sony CDP-X55ES.

Or, for the analog disc aficionados, $1,300 would have bought a Pioneer PL-90 turntable, along with your choice of a Stanton 881S Mk II or an Audio-Technica AT-ML170 cartridge.