Avatar Introduces Tri-Art Audio and Current Cable

Darren Censullo of Avatar Acoustics always puts on a good show, but with his wife, Bonnie, was eager at CES to introduce Canadian company Tri-Art Audio, whose founder, Steve Ginsberg, has returned to his audio roots after a detour in the artistic acrylic paints industry. Tri-Art's "The Block" 50W monoblock amplifiers (price TBD, probably around $2500–$2600), "The Bam Bam" turntable and tonearm (again probably around $2600), and "The Block" 24V DC battery power supply (price TBD) include new digital chips, are voiced with natural materials, and boast a very simple single-ended signal path.

All Tri-Art products are internally wired with Current Cable. Handmade in Miami, and designed by Darren Censullo and Jason McGuire, Current Cable's new Conqueror Series includes interconnect, power cord, and speaker cables ($1495/pair, $1795, and $2995/pair respectively). The Guardian series runs $495/pair, $595, and $995/pair).