Audio Summa

It was great to again encounter Silverline’s flagship Grand Bolero loudspeaker ($35,000/pair), displayed by Scot Markwell of Southern California’s Audio Summa. Together with Kuzma’s Stagi S NSE 12" w/TVA tower and Crystal Cable Silver ($2950) and Stabi SD in brass w/external power supply ($3700); BEL’s 1001 Mk.IV amplifier (NFS); and Furutech’s Lineflux RCA interconnects ($2704/1.2m pair), Speakerflux speaker cables ($3645/2m pair), and Powerflux power cords ($3007/1.8m each), the system produced admirable full-range sound.

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Silverline is one of those speaker companies that I believe has been over-looked in the past. Good to see them at this show. Combo of Dynaudio, and Morel drivers always make sweet music.

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I have heard Silverline at many shows and have always liked them, even the tiny speakers sound great. These were just... right sounding to me.

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From my perspective, Silverline is unusual in their approach to crossovers. Most manufacturers shy away from running bass drivers like this Dynaudio 12" up to 1.5Khz. I'm curious why Silverline's designer(s) consistently choose these high crossover points for their low frequency drivers - what do they see as the primary advantage or advantages and how do they ameliorate pitfalls? 

Perhaps instead of the usual fawning and thumbs up or thumbs down commentary, Stereophile "journalists" could do a little more to get the scoop from exhibitors as to some of the technical highlights that actually distinguish their products from the rest. I know some readers are probably thinking that "technical stuff" is beyond the skillset or capability of most Stereophile "journalists". But that is what Mr. Atkinson is for. Perhaps he could help elevate the technical acumen of Stereophile's other writers so that we might have more to read about than the usual  "liquid smooth midrange, grainy or edgy violins, convincing presentation, among the best sound of the show, not enough air,  or muddy bass" type adjectives...

And maybe, just maybe - in the process, readers of the magazine might get more from reading Stereophile than  simple entertainment. They might actually get a better appreciation for what goes into the products that allow them to derive so much pleasure from their music.