April Music & Stello

This modest system in the April Music room actually sounded like music. Solus 2-way speakers (sorry, didn't note the price) were being driven by the new Stello S100 50Wpc power amplifier ($1200) and Stello HP100 D/A preamplifier/headphone amplifier, all wired with Verastarr cables. The Stello components are nicely finished and use enclosures manufactured in California, though final assembly is in Korea. Only disappointment was that the HP100 uses the Burr-Brown PCM2705 USB audio chip, which is limited to 16-bit data with a sample rate up to 48kHz and operates in the less-than-optimal adaptive mode.

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It seems both Stello products are discontinued, as per this page:


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I was told the price of the speakers were, or would be, $1,500.00 per pair. As the rep from Stello explained to me, April Music designed the speakers, but they are licensing the design to Solos, which will manufacture the speakers in Texas, and not Korea. And, yes, I thought they were very musical, and they are designed to be placed against the rear wall, which should help domesticated audiophiles.

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Google " H-PAS " and you can learn more about the technology.

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Those are updated versions of S100 and HP100, not yet on the website.

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There can always be confusion at shows when all of the company representatives are not present. Actually, the speakers shown are from “H-PAS” inventor Phil Clements who is the patent holder.  These bookshelf speakers are one of his company's Solus/Clements Loudspeakers, patented “H-PAS” products.    Sometimes things get mixed up in communication and unfortunately Phil could not make the show in Chicago to be there with his speakers.  A big thanks goes out to April Music for demonstrating the speakers on their wonderful Stello S100 amplifier along with the use of the Verastarr cables.  The model seen there was an upgraded model made for April Music using a Titanium dome tweeter with an upgraded natural wood Lacquer finish. The Solus bookshelf model, yet to be named, for $1500 a pair, has a silk soft dome tweeter and comes in a painted, semi-gloss, satin black finish.  It also has all rounded corners and an upgraded, easy access, non recessed, dual, gold plated binding posts.  It is designed with the “H-PAS” technology, using only a half a cubic foot enclosure to reach incredible lows with an extraordinary wide dynamic range.  Expected availability is scheduled for this May/June 2013.  To be clear, Patented “H-PAS” technology itself, owned by H-PAS LLC, can only be licensed out by such.