Rega Rocks

In Room 806, one word said it all: Rega. Demming the Rega RP8 turntable with Rega Exact 2 cartridge ($3400), Rega Apollo R CD player ($1095), Rega Brio R integrated amp with phono stage ($895), and Rega RS3 floor-standing speakers ($1395/pair), the nattily bow-tied Barnaby Fry of The Sound Organisation was having a ball playing Johnny Adams' From the Heart. The system did best on Adams' voice—the voice was great—but when the blues artist sang, "I can't control the vibrations," I'm afraid he was talking about the limitations of the system's bottom reach and bass control. (For starters, I don't believe power conditioning or special equipment supports were in use.) But on voice and piano, Rega x 4 = very nice.

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Loved the Rega room, great sounds from such an affordable system. Good guys there too; I'll buy them a couple of 3Floyds next time I see them.

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A very nice man working for a great company. He flew to Atlanta last fall to demo the Beatles stereo vinyl box. It sounds great on an all Rega rig!

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Glad to meet you in Atlanta, hope to be back there soon!


We certainly had a great time playing music in Chicago, and Jason is correct, there was no Power Conditioning being used, as we were trying hard to demonstrate a "real world alternative" for people to take a break from the more complex systems on demonstration with our friends up and down the halls.  And while I would say that the Quadraspire SV2T rack does represent a fairly sophisticated and "special" equipment support system on its own, there were no additional component standoffs, isolators or clamping systems in use.  I'm sure it could have sounded better if we got that hotel desk lamp off the rack as well, but it felt much more "homey" than our industrial show lighting!

Thanks again to Jason and ALL of the attendees and other exhibitors who came and enjoyed the music in our room.