Lowther-America showcased their prototype, 98dB-sensitive speakers. Aimed at the DIYer, but potentially available in finished form, the open-baffle design uses a Lowther PM5a, Rythmic subwoofer with dedicated servo amplifier, and SLS ribbon tweeter crossed over at 11kHz (DIY parts cost approx. $4500, custom-built approx. $12,000).

Playing source material from The Tape Project, as well as vinyl and files, the system employed a Bottlehead Technics 1500 tape deck used as a transport; Bottlehead Eros tape preamplifier ($749 kit), Avid Volvere turntable ($6995) with Soundsmith-modified Benz Ruby cartridge and Rega tonearm, Pass Labs XP-25 phono stage ($10,600), Bryston BDP-1 digital server and BDA-1 DAC (approx. $2150 each), Pass Labs XP-20 line stage ($8600), First Watt B5 electronic crossover ($1500) between Lowther and woofer, First Watt SIT-1 10W monoblocks ($10,000/pair), and Jena Labs cabling and power supply filters. The sound was exceptionally smooth, albeit rather grayish and devoid of bright colors. A recording of bongos from I'm not sure what medium was totally solid. On tape, the horns on Oliver Nelson's "Message" were lively, albeit without their usual biting edge, but the depth of drum sound, and ability to differentiate different layers, was ear-opening.