Aaudio Imports & the enormous Lansche 8.2 speakers

I had been impressed by the 5.1 speaker from the German Lansche company when I reviewed it in July 2012. In particular, I found Lansche's horn-loaded ionic tweeter produced superb treble sound quality. At RMAF, I photographed Aaudio's Brian Ackerman standing by the enormous, 900lb Lansche 8.2 ($266,000/pair in Macassar ebony veneer), which combines that ionic tweeter with four 8" mid/woofers, crossed over at 2.5kHz.

But the 8.2 also uses two 18" subwoofers to handle the range below 40Hz, each driven by a 1.2kW amplifier and mounted one avbove the other on the speaker's rear. These are loaded with reflex ports on the speaker's front panel.

The Lansche speakers were bring driven by the Ypsilon Ultimate SET100 monoblocks ($125,000/pair) and the Ypsilon PST-100 tubed line stage ($37,000). An orchestral LP, played on a Danish, battery-powered Hartwig TT Signature player ($33,800) was reproduced with enormous dynamic sweeps and uncolored sound.