47 Laboratory 4704 PiTracer CD transport Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: CD and CD-R Transport. Digital data outputs: two pairs S/PDIF on RCAs (one DC-coupled, one AC-coupled), two pairs S/PDIF on BNCs (one DC-coupled, one AC-coupled).
Dimensions: 4704 PiTracer; 14.2" (360mm) W by 4.1" (105mm) H by 12.6" (320mm) D. Weight: 24 lbs. 4700 Power Humpty power supply; 7.7" (130mm) H by 5.1" (195mm) diameter (cylindrical). Weight: 10 lbs.
Price: $25,000, 4704 PiTracer; $1800, Humpty.
Finishes: "Silver Hairline," black anodized.
Approximate number of dealers: 16.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: None visible.
Manufacturer: 47 Laboratory, Japan. US distributor: Sakura Systems, 2 Rocky Mt. Rd., Jefferson, MA 01522. Tel./Fax: (508) 829-3426. E-mail: sakurastms@aol.com. Web: www.sakurasystems.com

47 Laboratory
US distributor: Sakura Systems
2 Rocky Mt. Rd.
Jefferson, MA 01522
(508) 829-3426