Focal point

The Multi Electronique suite was home to a tasteful, sedate display of Focal loudspeakers and Simaudio electronics, fed by an iMac computer running iTunes: just like home, except these guys had WAV files instead of the AIFFs that I prefer. The music selection was superb, and included the young jazz singer Melody Gardot, whom I hadn't heard before today, and the always interesting Dee Dee Bridgewater. Even without the luxury of an "audiophile" setup—which is to say, these musical furnishings were arranged in the manner of a normal person's home—the sound of the Focal Chorus 826W ($3795/pair), Moon 3.3 DPX D/A converter ($4000), and Moon 3.3 amplifier ($4000) was utterly charming, and I left my comfy red seat with only the greatest reluctance.

Noel Berkowitz's picture

I think the young jazz singer's name is Melody Gardot.

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I'd love to hear why Art prefers AIFFs.

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Probably because you can't apply album artwork to WAVs in itunes. At least, I've never worked out how to. Supercilious posts make baby jesus cry.

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Yes, Gardot, and like Veloce and endemic civic corruption, also from Philadelphia environs!

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Yes, it's Melody Gardot, not Bardot. If you haven't already, check out her "My One and Only Thrill" LP. Stellar.

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Also check out her 45rpm full album LP version of "Worrisome Heart", beats the sonics on "My one and only thrill". Enjoyed seeing her downunder live with Madeliene Peyroux and Diana Krall.

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I think the young jazz singer's name is Melody Gardot.Thanks for the correction. I've revised the text.