Monitor Audio's RX8

The affordable Monitor Audio Silver RS6 has been a long-term recommended loudspeaker at this magazine since Bob Reina reviewed it in March 2006. The English manufacturer recently replaced its "S" series with "X" models, which feature revised drive-units, better internal bracing, and lacquer finishes. The benefits of the changes are said to be better low-frequency definition and deeper bass extension. Being demmed at SSI was not the replacement for the RS6 but the larger Silver RX8 ($1750/pair in standard finsih, $2000/pair in black or white gloss). With the RX8s driven by a Simaudio Supernova CD player and a Yamaha RXZ-7 receiver, Dave Brubeck's classic "Take Five" did indeed sound fine, with a soundstage that floated free of the speakers themselves and weighty but well-defined lows.

owen Lloyd's picture

After a disappointing running-in of three weeks or so with new Cyrus 6SE, 8X and PSX amplification, the sound which then emerged was hugely immersing. Brahms requiem plumbed the purple depths, Schubert string quintet sang out with Casals' passionate cello and groans faithfully complementing Stern's soaring violin. Friends and I spent many hours on many evenings alternately jumping up and down and waving our arms or transported to Elysian fields. Addictive.