Son-or-Filtronique was celebrating its 41st year of being in business at SSI and the retailer's larger room featured Verity Sarasto Mk.2 speakers driven by Audio Research Reference 210 tube monoblocks—love those green power meters—and the relatively new Audio Research Reference Five preamplifier. Source was the fully-loaded, four-box dCS Scarlatti SACD/CD player that Michael Fremer reviewed last August. (My apologies S-or-F, but I didn't note the cables being used.) This was the last room I visited at SSI and all my notes said was "Wow!" So that's all I have to say here.

Nick's picture

Verity Audio speakers and Audio Research not sure why this combo works so well but it does. Last year they had the best sound at the show. Excellent again this year.

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Again this year Son Or Filtronique had a very good set-up.By the way cabling were all Shunyata except one interconnect cable was a Siltech.