Take a dCS Scarlatti digital front end ($68,000), combine it with a pair of Nagra VPA tube amplifiers ($20,000/pair, pictured), and a pair of the new Verity Audio Amadis loudspeakers ($29,995) and you'll have a pretty good-sounding system, right?

No! You'll have a great-sounding system—at least Verity Audio did at SSI 2010. Having a good-sized room certainly helped; in any case, this was one of the best-sounding systems at the show. When I was there, they were using a recording made at the Montreal Jazz Festival, played back through a hard drive-based Nagra VI six-channel digital recorder. A big, open sound, with superb clarity. The Amadis is the latest speaker from Verity, fitting into the line between the Sarastro and the Parsifal.

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I agree with Bob: This was one of the most enjoyable rooms at the show. I listened to a track from Shakti with John McLaughlin, and was very impressed. The percussion was arresting, images were tightly focused on an extremely solid background. Awesome.

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More typos on those prices? $6,800. ? Right, coma in the wrong place. Cus' that's expensive stuff for $6,800. It looks like SUPERMAN'S Fortress of Solitude. If this was the best sound at the show, and no cable elevators, thus cable elevators are useless, right?

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no cable elevator, but notice that the nordost cable are vertical. i heard julien pelchat (verity audio designer) that it sounds better this way, with less static electricity, less contact with the carpet.

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I heard the Red Violin soundtrack through them and it was fab! Have a friend who is contemplating the Lohengrins, after I heard them (the speakers not the Lohengins)at the show I sent him a photo and suggested he buy them. Fantastic speakers!

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Vertical, looks to be laying on the carpet to me. the only one going vert. is probably to reach the plug! Cable Elevators, just when does it end with the BS?

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The Nordost Valhalla speaker cables certainly *were* in a vertical orientation, as can be clearly seen in the photo of the system at http://www.pbase.com/phile/image/123246743.

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Please explain how the orientation of a speaker wire has an effect on the sound, and tell me YOU can hear this issue? If this is true, then they have defective solder joints? moving them one way work, then move them the other way they don't, maybe a break in the wire? I have speaker wires that are made so that it doesn't matter, I think that's a better design!

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Can someone tell me what was the version that played at the show of john McLaughlin shatki. I think is from Montreux concert, but I'm not sure.Thank for the help !