The Little Leema Xero

Leema Acoustics’ Mark Perfect dwarfs the little Leema Xero ($1400/pair), driven by Leema’s own Tucana II 150Wpc integrated amplifier ($8000) and Antila Multi-DAC CD player ($6000), all producing a surprisingly BIG sound with tightly focused images placed within a fairly wide and deep soundstage. Perfect explained that Leema takes its name from design partners Lee Taylor and Mallory Nicholls, recording studio engineers who met during their tenure at the BBC. Designed and manufactured in Wales, the Leema Zero uses custom-made Audax drive units, and has a rated sensitivity of 85dB.

Lee and Mallory originally intended to manufacture solely for the pro audio market, Perfect told me. But when customers started buying additional pairs of Leema studio monitors, Lee and Mallory wondered what was going on. They found that their customers were moving their speakers from the recording studio into the listening room, and quickly saw the opportunity to bring a new product to the hi-fi sector.

Nick's picture

I couldn't believe how good these little boxes sounded.

steve brown's picture

It might not be widely available in US, but the Antila is awesome. Imaging and level of detail is fantastic. I'm hoping to tie it up with the Leema Pulse amp, their entry level (£1400 for new model) if I win something on the horses soon. Punchy forward sound, excellent definition, brilliant midrange.