Which recording do you have the most versions of?

Which recording do you have the most versions of?
Here it is
93% (143 votes)
Only have one of everything
7% (11 votes)
Total votes: 154

Several recordings have been released over and over in a variety of formats and special editions (<I>Kind of Blue</I> is but one example). Which recording do you have the most versions of?

Mike Agee's picture

Turns out to be Led Zeppelin I: The original glorious gatefold LP (in VG condition), a bog standard CD, and the great sounding Classic reissue. Also Fleetwood Mac's Future Games, a sadly neglected pre Buckingham-Nicks gem (sadly in need of a Classic re-issue!).

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Bruce Springsteen; Born to Run on LP, CD, and Remastered CD

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I know it's ridiculous, but I have The Beatles' White Album in mono and stereo on vinyl, a MFSL pressing on vinyl, Japanese pressing on CD, and two additional: mono and stereo version on CD.

audio-sleuth@comcast.net's picture

Dark Side Of the Moon. Of the 8, the import vinyl quad is the best. The CD Red Book on the SACD hybrid by far the worst. If you think the SACD is good, find a new hobby.

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Steely Dan's Aja. I have it on vinyl, cassette, 8-Track, CD, Mo-Fi CD, MP-3, and CD remastered versions. This is classic to own in any/every format.

Dick Stevens's picture

Kind of Blue. I have several, starting with the six eye Columbia (I bought it new). I don't have them all. You have to draw the line somewhere.

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I have all of these recordings on MFSL LP, LP, and CD at a minimum. SACDs and DVD-As for available recordings. George Solti; Beethoven's 9th Symphony; The Beatles: Love (DVD-A); Pink Floyd: DSOTM& The Wall; The Beatles Collection; The Who: Quadrophenia & Tommy. There are more, but I can't access my stash at work.

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Roy Orbison's Greatet Hits, on Rhino CD and LP, DCC LP, and finally S+P LP. In second place is the RCA Reiner/CSO Pines of Rome on Chesky LP, RCA .5 ($2 used) LP, and Classic LP. Also three versions of Dark Side of the Moon in US CD, late '80s British LP, and EMI Centennial LP.

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Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon. I own an ordinary vinyl version, a MoFi vinyl copy, a common CD copy, and a SACD version. Just to round things out, I also own Pink's Pulse on CD and DVD and Roger Water's In The Flesh on SACD and DVD, both of which include complete live versions of "Dark."

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No surprises, really. Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibitionin six recordings. Four CDs, two LPs. The ubiquitous Dark Side Of The Moon predictably follows, with LP, CD, Remastered CD, and SACD.

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Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazadeby Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on RCA Victor. I have it in CD, XRCD, SACD, and vinyl.

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DSOTM. One Saturday last year, I played them all to pick the best sounding one. And I did. And I was surprised at the winner, not that it was one of the vinyl reproductions, but at which one it was. No, I'm not.

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Various CD formats and remastering, I like the music and forget which is which. I am not very well informed on the important topics ;)

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Pink Floyd: DSOTM. Album, CD, & SACD.

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Pink Floyd: DSOTM on LP, CD and SACD. Elton John: Captain Fantastic on LP, Remastered CD, and SACD.

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For some weird reason, I have three copies of Heart's Little Queen. Two of them are digital (CDs of different vintage) and one is on vinyl.

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I've got maybe four or five copies of Dark Side of The Moon.

Frank - Greer, SC's picture

Allman Brothers Band: Live At Filmore East. four vinyl versions and four CD versions. Next would be the various stereo and mono versions of Julie London's Julie Is Her Name.

H.  Williams, Hollywood Hills's picture

Led Zeppelin IV. Original test pressing, MoFi, 6 Japanese pressings, Classic Records test pressing, Russian pressing, Argentinean pressing, Spanish pressing, Classic Records Led Zeppelin 45 pressing, a Chinese pressing, and an original American first pressing signed by all of the band members of Zep (including the late, great John Henry Bonham) backstage after their June 23rd Los Angeles Forum Concert. Please don't get the idea that I'm a Led Zeppelin fanatic.....

Lee Brown, Colorado's picture

Pink Floyd: DSOTM. Vinyl, Harvest Cassette, CD, SACD 30th Anniversary, and Vinyl 30th Anniversary. These are followed closely by a couple of Zeppelin triples. But to top it off, triples by the Beatles and the Beach Boys which include (wait for it) 8-tracks. Evolving home and car audio, ain't it grand?

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Jennifer Warnes: Famous Blue Raincoat. The recently released version is awsome.

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DSOTM by Pink Floyd: US LP, German Import LP, MFSL LP, MFSL CD, SACD, and 30th Anniversary LP. Does having Pulse on DVD count too? I had the US CD that came out in the late '80s, but I gave that away. I am such a boomer cliche . . .

Francisco S, Brazil's picture

Blonde on Blonde, Kind of Blue, Sgt Pepper's, Miles Ahead, and many others.

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In the Court of The Crimson King. Tape/CD/LP/HDCD.

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Pink Floyd: The Wall.

Tom's picture

Kind of Blue

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Miles Davis: Kind of Blue

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I would have to say Supertramp's Breakfast in America. I've owned it on CD, remastered CD, and then purchased a couple of versions of the LP when I got into vinyl.

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Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East. CD, DVD-Audio, and SACD. All sound great except the DVD audio due to a really stupid mix

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Beethoven's 5th