What speaker would you recommend to someone for up to $1000/pair—and not a penny more?

What speaker would you recommend to someone for up to $1000/pair—and not a penny more?
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Dave in Dallas says, "Ask your readers to recommend a product within a specified price range they would buy today and why they would consider that product."<P>So, here goes: What speaker would you recommend to someone for up to $1000/pair&#151;and not a penny more?

Peter's picture

The AVI Neutron or a second-hand pair of LS 3/5as. Both are musically engaging in a rather special manner and have stood the test of time.

Greg Edwards's picture

Monitor Audio RS6

Doug Bowker's picture

EPOS M5i Speakers, retail $900.

Derek's picture

Monitor Audio Silver RS6

Dennis's picture

B&W 685

KR's picture

Vandersteen Model 1C

db's picture

Silverline Minuet

Matt's picture

Vandersteen 2ce Sig (used)

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My first recomendation would be to pick up a used pair of bookshelf speakers on Audiogon: Josephs, Totem, Aerials, Polks, Paradigm, to name a few. If new is the only option, then bookshelfs still, you can always add a sub later.

Erik Bobeda's picture

Paradigm Reference Studio 20. If I had the money, I'd buy them before I finish typing this—and keep them for years. Paradigm products represent extraordinary value, the Studio 20 especially. Here we have truly high-end sound at a price average enthusiasts can afford.

macksman's picture

A small PSB Alpha B1 and save your money for better later. Better yet, take the leftover dough and buy a turntable package. Much pleasure could be had.

Josh McGowan's picture

Check out the PSB Speakers. They have some excellent $1000 and under speakers.

air-11's picture

B&W 685

nc's picture

Monitor Audio Silver RS6. Great reviews across the board. They look great. I haven't heard this model yet, but have liked previous offerings on audition.

attilahun's picture

Maggie MMG.

Gopal Jayaraman's picture

Polk LSi 9

Matt's picture

PSB Imagine B bookshelf. Just heard it and it sounds amazing.

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Monitor Audio Silver RS6 From good looks to great sound, this speaker should surpass all expectations.

Jim M's picture

A rebuilt pair of Dahlquist DQ-10s.

Joe Kovacs's picture

Shure SE 530 ear phones and an iPod.

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Infinity Primus P162. Excellent bass and midrange smoothness in a sturdy design. You can't get more for less ($320/pair).

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Polk RTi10 or the newer RTiA7, Good overall balance from highs to mids and lows, cherry wood veneer finish. It's a three-way with excellent bass extension and definition, neutral midrange, excellent overall engineering. Use with high-quality cabling and sources. Sound great with analog sources and DVDs.

Bill's picture

At this price point, I'd probably stick to standmounts. With that in mind, I like the B&W CM1, or for a bit less coin, the B&W 685. The Paradigm Studio 20 is also a contender.

richard p's picture

Vandersteen, hands down.

Jerry's picture

The NHT bookshelf speakers...they go really low, with great midrange. Plus they're three-ways.

Jeffery S.  Malloch's picture

Anything by Paradigm or PSB, depending on your tastes.

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Epos M5i Great treble and, yes, even bass extension. Neutral—an all around best (for me at least).

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Athena F-2s

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BG Corp Z-1 bookshelf. At only $600 a pair, you have money left over for beer and records.

Michael's picture

Hands down, it is the Focal 807V. Absolutely stunning. They remind me of the sweetness I had from the Snell J.