Vincent SV-737 integrated amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog sources: Kuzma Stabi R turntable & Kuzma 4Point 11" tonearm; Koetsu Rosewood MC phono cartridge. Thorens TD 124 turntable, Jelco TS-350S 9" tonearm, Denon DL103 MC cartridge. Tavish Design Adagio phono preamplifier.
Digital sources: Asus laptop running Roon and Tidal, Wyred4Sound µLink, Denafrips Ares II DAC, Tascam CD-200iL CD player.
Integrated amplifier: Parasound Halo Hint 6.
Loudspeakers: Golden Ear BRX, Klipsch Forte III, Spendor BC-1.
Cables: Interconnect (RCA): Triode Wire Labs Spirit II, Shindo Laboratory. Digital: AudioQuest Forest. Speaker: AudioQuest Robin Hood. AC: manufacturers' own.
Accessories: Kuzma Plastis 65 isolation platform, IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius line conditioner, Salamander five-tier rack; IKEA Aptitlig bamboo chopping boards (under preamp, turntable, power amps); mahogany blocks (2" × 2" × 0.5") under boards; 3"-thick studio-treatment damping foam on ceilings and walls.
Listening room: 12' L × 10' W × 12' H, system set up along long wall; suspended wood floor, 6"-thick walls (plaster over 2×4), wood-beamed ceiling.—Ken Micallef

Vincent Audio
US distributor: Pangea Audio Distributing
5500 Executive Pkwy SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
(866) 984-0677

georgehifi's picture

"It is possible that one of the small-signal tubes in the review sample was not performing to specification"

This happens all too much for my liking with reviews. You would think a manufacturer would make sure that the sample given for review, was even better than stock, before giving it for the review??

Cheers George

mememe's picture

After reading many reviews of tubed gear I've come to the conclusion that review samples are likely, but not guaranteed, to suffer from some form of
tube related problem. But hey, after paying for the product you should swap out the OEM tubes and get the sound the reviewer preferred.

tonykaz's picture

It's pricy enough to be designed & made in California with a 5 year warrantee, isn't it?

The rear panel is supposed to clearly show Country of Origin , we all know why it's not. Why are we allowing ?

Tony in Venice Florida

John Atkinson's picture
tonykaz wrote:
The rear panel is supposed to clearly show Country of Origin . . .

I take a photograph of a product's serial number when I receive it for testing. This was the Vincent's serial number label:

It doesn't include the country of manufacture but Ken Micallef does say in the review text that the SV-737 is manufactured in China.

John Atkinson
Technical Editor, Stereophile

tonykaz's picture

The last time we discussed this, you mentioned that You included the Country of manufacture in the Spec. list along with the Serial Number. Perhaps you changed the Editorial Policy. Still no specification inclusion this time. hmm.

The funny part is that no Photo of this product includes the Country of Origin, nowhere on a Google Search, nowhere on anyone's mentions.

Yes, the High Integrity Mr.KM does dutifully say China but he's not anyone, he's Somebody !

Thanks for writing, nice hearing from y'all.

Tony in Venice Florida

ps. hiding China seems Shame Based

Jack L's picture


Agreed. 'Cunning' business !!

An audio manufacturer already established 26 years in Germany apparently does not want to be criticized for productionn cost saving by OEM offshore in China or other so called 'undeveloped' countries at the expense of production quality compromise.

IMO, what can be a smarter business tactic: Killing 3 birds with one stone. Saving big production cost to mark down the selling price to sell more products & making good profit.

Simply NOT stating the country of production origin on the amp case, in the operation manual & on the packing carton box in order to steal the gooodwill of the consumers in the German brandname !!!!

Thnaks goodness. Stereophile reviewers are always so honest to their readers & tell nothing but true.

Jack L

PS: likewise, I always without exception acquire my cars built in its country of origin.

tonykaz's picture

China has been a Quality leader for most of the last 5 Centuries.
Why hide it ?

The product in the photos is probably for European distribution because it doesn't comply with USA labelling Laws. ( no one mentions that ).

Additionally, no-one mentions who actually manufacturers these devices.
There are Chinese outfits specialising in manufacturing all this Audio gear. Why not mention those outfits Company's Names?

There is the problem of Service: Is a Circuit Diagram provided for someone to service the darn things ? ( no- never ) Not accommodating service needs makes these pricy devices "throw-away" when it fails or has any sort of issue the Importer can't cope with. ( I've Imported Audio Gear )

I expect a High-Integrity Journalistic Standard when it comes to reviewing gear from a mostly hidden group of gear manufacturers. All that has to be done is to ask the Designers and importers who is manufacturing the piece. ( the embarrassing thing might be that they don't actually know ).

The 1,000 lb Gorilla is that "Made in California" will outsell "Made in China" by a considerable amount.

Tony in Venice Florida

ps. White House is asking Federal Trade Commission to rule in favour of "Right to Repair" which will open up Serviceability for all this unserviceable Chinese stuff.

ps. 2 ) Apple still does not provide Schematic Diagrams for any of it's products ( it did at one time ). & Apple is about to achieve a Dominant Position in most of High End Audio with it's highrez iTunes changes.

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And well-implemented too, unlike the very strange tone control response curve seen in the recent Marantz Model 30.

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Thanks, Ken - always great to read your reviews.

Maybe I misunderstand the quote, but the 85a2/OG3 tube is not new at all to audio. Several brands have used/uses this in voltage regulation, and for decades e..g. Croft have used this quite inexpensive tube.

Thanks again