The Uncertainty Principle References

Sidebar: References & further reading

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jimtavegia's picture

If we all felt smug about the quality of any of our audio gear, that all just went away. lol In a world constantly being flipped on its head lately, all we need was something else to think about going badly.

MontanaMontanaDana's picture

Very insightful information. But how does this translate to the listening experience for the average audiophile? I enjoyed the Goldberg Variations on my carefully selected and matched mid-fi system last night, and got completely lost in the music -- just like I do when I hear it on my friends megabuck system (presumably) constructed to close tolerances.
Guess I'm like the lady driving her kids to soccer practice in the SUV. So long as it gets me there, I don't care how.

jimtavegia's picture

Contentment. How to achieve it? I have learned since I began seriously recording over the last 15+ years there are so many hands in the soup that how can any one system be the "right system"?

I have learned to love what I have and get more into the music, but that is not to say that I don't have some clunker recordings, many in vinyl, that I just can't listen to anymore. I don't have a great system, but it is better, sadly, than most of the systems of my friends and acquaintances. That is a problem to me to think that audio quality is cared for so less today. I wonder if many midland audio gear owners really agonize over what they have purchased? Have they bothered to read the likes of Stereophile and get educated? Even if they just went to the internet sites of Stereophile, Analog Planet, InnerFidelity, or AudioStream they would be partially educated to all the possibilities of what makes a great playback system.

It is time to start steering some of my friends and acquaitences to doing some homework. Hopefully, some will.

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You could also recommend your friends and acquaintances to attend some of the hi-fi shows like AXPONA, RMAF, FAE, CAF etc. :-) ........

jimtavegia's picture

getting to and from these shows costs more than many have invested in their gear.

I just posed a YouTube video on my page on the 4 web-pages managed by Stereophile in hopes that some of my friends and acquaintances that view my FB page might take a look at and read some articles that might interest them and get them into the hobby in a bigger way. It was easy enough for me to do with my NCH Debut Video Capture software and get to more folks faster and hopefully motivate them to at least read about our hobby. The least I could do and one can learn much just from going to these 4 websites.

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... tube circuits without negative feedback are good while circuits using op-amps with negative feedback are bad?

Trevor_Bartram's picture

I seriously doubt tube circuits without negative feedback exist. Feedback is necessary to stabilize circuit bias and reduce distortion. I believe what you are alluding to is global versus local feedback. I bet tube circuits have local feedback. Op-amps by their very nature may only use global feedback.