Torus Power TOT AVR power conditioner Specifications

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Description: AC power isolation transformer and voltage regulator with six AC outlets. Nominal input voltage: 120V. Undervoltage limit: 85V (US). Overvoltage limit: 135V (US). Input frequency: 60Hz, ±3Hz. Input fuse: 10A, 250V. Output voltages: 120V, ±5V (US). Maximum continuous current output: 10A. Power VA/maximum continuous load: 1200VA (US). Output impedance: &#60'2 ohms. Efficiency at 1200VA: <1200VA resistive load, >99.6%; reactive load, >99.6%. Noise reduction: Narrow Bandwidth Technology (NBT) circuit using transformer as low-pass filter attenuating common-mode and differential-mode noise by >50dB, 2kHz–1MHz. Protection modes: L–N (line protected from neutral), L–G (line protected from ground), but not N–G (neutral from ground), as neutral doesn't run through transformer. Series Mode Surge Suppression (SMSS) protection option: 6000V/3000A for 1000 repeats.
Dimensions: 12.5" (318mm) W by 4" (101mm) H by 14.5" (369mm) D. Weight: 35.2 lbs (16kg).
Finishes: Silver or black faceplate, black or white case.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 201543-4690.
Price: $2299 ($2549 as reviewed, including SMSS board). Options: Series Mode Surge Suppression (SMSS) board, $250; rack-mount kit, $79. Approximate number of dealers: 250.
Manufacturer: Torus Power, 2861 Sherwood Heights Drive, Unit 26, Oakville, Ontario L6J 7K1, Canada. Tel: (877) 337-9480, (416) 477-4799. Web:

Torus Power
2861 Sherwood Heights Drive, Unit 26
Oakville, Ontario L6J 7K1
(877) 337-9480

wineandwires's picture

Thanks for the review and comparison of specifications, but the most valuable service of Stereophile to me is listening comparisons of competitive products.

I would have enjoyed reading how the Torus sounded compared to Audioquest, Shunyata, and PS Audio power conditioners.

I know that Stereophile contributors own all of the above, so please consider getting together and comparing them. Thanks.

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

Your request is a good one. However, given that only some of us live in New York City and Brooklyn, it would require people in different parts of the country (or, in Robert Deutsch's case, in Canada) to dismantle a key part of their reference systems, lose their reference and delay their own reviews, pay for the shipping, and risk breakage and loss of equipment. It would also put a huge amount of pressure on the receiving reviewer to perform the comparisons and re-box/re-ship in a timely fashion. It's just not practical.

wineandwires's picture

Thanks, Jason, for your response. I obviously don't know how reviewers work. I assumed that the manufacturer was paying to ship a unit for review then have it returned. If reviewers are writing about what they bought for themselves that's quite different. I enjoy reading the reviews either way.

The Fonz's picture

Hi Larry. Thanks for the great review. I have a Torus Tot Max since a few days and I use it with my Hegel H190 amp , Vivid V1.5SE speakers and a Oppo BD 203 player. I use the Oppo just for playing Movies and concerts. I stream with Audirvana to the Hegel and the Cable brand I use is Wreworld. What I do notice in the sound with the Torus Connected is a bass that is tighter but most of all sounding more quiet. Before the bass had more pressure but now the pressure makes room for a more relaxed sound. Is it so that the bass seems to sound with less dynamics because before the bass was "distorted" and that seems to give more "false" dynamics and now because of the clean power it sounds more relaxed ? I also notice that I do hear more mid and high notes than before and that is a strange thing to me. Sometimes I think that they are a bit to much !!!! Did you notice the same difference while you were listening in your set up concerning the mid and high tones? And this all is happening because of much cleaner power :) Looking forward to your answer. Cheers Fonz