Tonian Labs' Oriaco Loudspeakers

Tonian Labs was one of several smaller companies at T.H.E. Show that depend on direct sales and a few dealers to get their products to the public. I'm glad I encountered them again, because their Oriaco G6 loudspeaker ($4500/pair) united with a Denon 70Wpc integrated and Marantz CD player to deliver very clear and colorful sound.

Designed by Tony Minasian, a 30-year speaker designer who also works as a recording engineer, the Oriaco G6 includes a Fostek driver, a top-firing tweeter from La Voce of Italy, and a modified SB Acoustics forward-firing tweeter. One of three speaker models from the company, it excelled on Jasper Dutz and Brad Dutz's Isolation—one of Minasian's CDs that he had for sale at the show.

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They used to have a model based on the larger PHY driver that was a fun thing to listen to.

(Keep in mind, I think 20 years ago is 'last week,' so no idea about how long ago it really was.)

Ahh, here we go, from 2008...