TAD Goes Blue Smoke

Did that title get your attention? Andrew Jones’ TAD Evolution 1 loudspeakers ($29,500/pair) usually do by themselves. But, in this case, they were paired with TAD’s visually understated M600 amplifiers ($68,000, presumably for the pair), C600 preamp ($42,000), and D600 (CD/SACD) disc player ($32,000), as well as Ron LaPorte’s forthcoming Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems’ Black Box II digital music server/client ($3995) and USB to 384/32 digital output ($2995—both expected late 2013).

When I entered, Count Basie was making wonderful music, with the horns especially rewarding. Next came Boz Scaggs, proffered up by a show attendee who was going wild over the sound. Finally came England’s Ian Parker. From all, the system drew a beautiful midrange and top-class color and tonality. The cramped quarters didn’t allow for much dimensionality, but that didn’t hinder this extremely musical system’s ability to work its magic.

TreAdidas's picture

I thought the sound in this room was wonderful.  This was my first time hearing the TAD Evolution 1 and associated components.   I was taken aback and how linear the frequency response was from the top registers to the bottom registers.  I felt this system had some realistic heft to its sound, a solid bass foundation if you will, whereas many systems putter out as the frequency drops.  That being said, the room was a tat tiny and I’m sure that added to my perceived “heft.”  

Definitley worth a listen.  I left the room thinking I'd like to hear these some more......