Sonic Frontiers Transport 3 CD transport & Processor 3 D/A processor Specifications

Sidebar 1:Specifications

Transport 3: CD transport. Interface options: 110 ohms, ±5% AES/EBU; 75 ohms, ±5% BNC; RCA, S/PDIF, ST-Glass Optical, and I2S-Enhanced interface employing a 13W3 "d-sub" connector (13W3 cable included). Pro CDM12 top-loading Philips disc drive.
Dimensions: 19.125" (490mm) W by 4" (100mm) H by 16" (400mm) D. Weight: 31.5 lbs (14.3kg) net.
Serial number of units reviewed: 105982 (auditioning); 106649 (measuring).
Price: $6999, including I2S-E cable and remote control (1998); no longer available (2004).

Processor 3: 20-bit, fully balanced HDCD-capable digital processor with tube output stage and outboard power supply. Tube complement: 4x 6922. Frequency response: 5Hz-20kHz, ±0.25dB. Intrinsic jitter: <35ps via S/PDIF, below measurable limits via I2S-Enhanced (no measurement method specified). Unweighted S/N ratio: >115dB. Channel separation: >130dB @ 1kHz, >115dB @ 16kHz. THD: <0.02%. Maximum output level: approximately 3.0V unbalanced, 6.0V balanced. Power-supply requirements: 60VA.
Dimensions: Main chassis: 19" (480mm) W by 4.5" (115mm) H by 14.25" (360mm) D. Power supply: 9" (230mm) W by 4" (100mm) H by 13" (330mm) D. Weight (together): 30 lbs (14kg) net.
Serial number of units reviewed: 105982 (auditioning); 106499 (measuring).
Price: $6999 (1998); no longer available (2004).

Both:Approximate number of dealers: 100. Warranty: 5 years parts & labor, 1 year on mechanism (Transport 3), tubes (Processor 3).
Manufacturer: Anthem/Sonic Frontiers (a division of Paradigm), 205 Annagem Blvd., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5T 2V1. Tel: (905) 362-0958. Fax: (905) 564-4642. Web:

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