Raven Audio

Raven Audio is a relatively new audio company whose products are handmade in Groveton, Texas. This was the company’s first showing at RMAF.

Longtime audiophile Dave Thomson explained that he founded Raven Audio in 2010 and loosely based his 100W Silhouette Reference monoblocks ($12,995/pair) around the Brooke 10C amp circuit. Exhibiting a high level of fit and finish, and partnered with Raven Audio’s Reference preamp ($12,995, with built-in tubed phono stage), the Silhouettes seemed to have no trouble driving Joseph Audio’s Perspective loudspeakers. I noted a smooth, coherent sound, with a fine sense of momentum and flow.

I also spotted the attractive Raven Audio Nighthawk ($1595), a 20Wpc integrated based on a 6L6GC vacuum tube. This sample is the last available of a limited run of 15 produced last year. Thomson assured me that more would be manufactured, possibly in a run of 40.

In 2014, Raven Audio intends to expand their product line to include the 12Wpc Sparrow ($1295), 35Wpc Falcon ($1895), 50Wpc Eagle ($3500) integrated amplifiers and the Hummingbird headphone amp ($895).