Puresound amplification and phono accessories

Founded in 2006, the Devon, UK–based Puresound audio company is distributed in the US by NYC’s High Water Sound. Puresound’s compact M845 monoblocks ($10,000/pair) were partnered with the company’s L300 line-level preamp ($8000) to drive a pair of Horning Aristotle loudspeakers ($15,000/pair). The source was a TW-Acustic Raven turntable with a Miyajima Shilabe phono cartridge going through Puresound's P10 phono preamp ($1000) and T10 MC step-up trannie ($500). (Sharp eyes will also spy, behind the loudspeaker and covered by CDs, the Silver Circle Audio TCHAIK 6 power conditioner. I did not somehow miss this 125-lb device, but it wasn't mentioned in the room's press literature, and I'm not sure if it was in use; I suppose one can assume that it was. Or not.)

We listened to a mono recording of Davy Graham’s Folk, Blues, & Beyond, and now, not only do I want to spend more time with Puresound, I’ll have to devour the entire Davy Graham discography. The sound, like the best mono playback, was big, fleshy, bold, and colorful.

Also spotted in the Puresound room was the company’s Tenuto gunmetal platter mat (show price: $299; retail: $380). Puresound’s Guy Sergeant explained that the mat was inspired by Micro Seiki’s copper mat. Gun metal, he found, imparts to the music a nice tone, without adding a particular coloration, and provides good isolation from harmful resonances.