Philips LHH1000 CD player Specifications

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Description: 16-bit, 4x-oversampling, two-box CD player with IR remote control. LHH1001 player has "Favorite Track Selection," LHH1002 D/A unit has two coaxial inputs and two optical inputs for serial digital data streams, and two digital tape loops (one optical, one coaxial), with automatic switching between 44.1kHz- and 48kHz-sampled serial data. Specifications: Frequency response: 2Hz–20kHz ±0.1dB (unbalanced outputs), 20Hz–20kHz +0.3dB, –0.6dB (balanced outputs). Output impedance: 60 ohms (unbalanced), 100 ohms (balanced), 32 ohms (headphone). Maximum output level: 2V RMS (unbalanced), 3V (balanced), 45mW into 8–1000 ohms (headphone). S/N ratio: 101dB. Channel Separation: 100dB.
Dimensions: 17.875" (455mm) W by 13.625" (345mm) D by 4.125" (103mm) H. Weight: 30.8 lbs (14kg) (LHH1001 transport and LHH1002 D/A converter), 10.125" (260mm) W by 5" (126mm) D by 1.25" (31mm) H (LHH1003/RC remote control).
Price: $4000 (1989); no longer available (2010). Approximate number of dealers: 50 (1989).
Manufacturer: Philips Consumer Electronics Company, North American Philips Corporation, One Philips Drive, P.O. Box 14810, Knoxville, TN 37914-1810. Tel: (615) 521-4316. Web:

Philips Consumer Electronics Company
One Philips Drive, P.O. Box 14810
Knoxville, TN 37914-1810
(615) 521-4316

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The Philips LHH1000 DAC, did not come with a TDA1541A S1 single crown chip. Philips units had the TDA1541A chip.
For some reason, Philips also claimed their model 960,a single cd player, also had this same chip.
I had the Philips 960 and called Philips about the chip. They sent me the correct chip, a TDA1541A S1 single crown, after pointing it out in a review.
I still have the review of the Lhh1000 in Stereophile,June 1989,Vol.12 No.6
I also have both the Marantz CD 12 transport/dac and the Philips Lhh1000 transport/dac. The flip down cover at the bottom of each dac, shows exactly what chip is used.

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Yes, for some unknown reason, under the filp down cover, it said  TDA 1541A ,but in fact the chips used in the lhh1000 dac IS the S1 version.  I recently opened the cover and checked.

And despite its age, it's still quite capable, and it is now the oldest digital product in my home and it's still working flawlessly...

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I have a Extemely Rare DAC/Transport Combo from Cambridge Audio. The DAC 3D/A Converter ( It´s NOT the normaly DAC 3 from Cambridge audio!) and the CD3M Transport The DAC uses 4 TDA1541A S1 Chips in paralell Syncron Mode.

it is  THE BEST sounding Cmbo I have heard to date. And by a wide margin.
I'm very curious which system sounds better. Has anyone experiences with it?