Philips LHH1000 CD player Review System

Sidebar 1: Review System

The primary system used to audition the LHH1000 was comprised of the following: all CD sources sat on AudioQuest Sorbothane isolating feet and were powered from an Inouye line conditioner. They fed a Mod Squad Line Drive Deluxe AGT passive control center, fitted with the new acrylic top cover. (This is conventional in having unbalanced inputs and outputs; I was unable to audition the LHH1000 from its balanced outputs, therefore.)

For comparisons, the Sony DAS-R1 decoder was driven from the Philips LHH1001 transport via coaxial cable, and the levels of all CD sources were matched at 1kHz using a test disc. Power amplifier was a 1986 Krell KSA-50 used to drive Celestion SL700 loudspeakers sitting on their dedicated stands, which were spiked to the tile-on-concrete floor beneath the carpet. A pair of Vandersteen 2Ci loudspeakers also saw some service during this period.

Interconnect was 1m lengths of Monster Cable M1000 (all CD players to Line Drive) and and a 1m run of AudioQuest Lapis (Line Drive to power amplifier). The Celestions were bi-wired with two 15' runs of AudioQuest Clear speaker cable. Though bulky and unwieldy—and how!—this is at the time of writing the best cable I have tried in that it combines exceptional midrange clarity with deep, tight low frequencies. It simply has the least editorial effect on the overall sound that I have experienced.—John Atkinson

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The Philips LHH1000 DAC, did not come with a TDA1541A S1 single crown chip. Philips units had the TDA1541A chip.
For some reason, Philips also claimed their model 960,a single cd player, also had this same chip.
I had the Philips 960 and called Philips about the chip. They sent me the correct chip, a TDA1541A S1 single crown, after pointing it out in a review.
I still have the review of the Lhh1000 in Stereophile,June 1989,Vol.12 No.6
I also have both the Marantz CD 12 transport/dac and the Philips Lhh1000 transport/dac. The flip down cover at the bottom of each dac, shows exactly what chip is used.

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Yes, for some unknown reason, under the filp down cover, it said  TDA 1541A ,but in fact the chips used in the lhh1000 dac IS the S1 version.  I recently opened the cover and checked.

And despite its age, it's still quite capable, and it is now the oldest digital product in my home and it's still working flawlessly...

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I have a Extemely Rare DAC/Transport Combo from Cambridge Audio. The DAC 3D/A Converter ( It´s NOT the normaly DAC 3 from Cambridge audio!) and the CD3M Transport The DAC uses 4 TDA1541A S1 Chips in paralell Syncron Mode.

it is  THE BEST sounding Cmbo I have heard to date. And by a wide margin.
I'm very curious which system sounds better. Has anyone experiences with it?