NY Audio Show 2014: Michael Fremer's Turntable Seminar

Billed as “Michael Fremer’s Ultimate Turntable Set-up Demo,” the final seminar at the Brooklyn show once again revealed that the editor of AnalogPlanet.com and Stereophile columnist has, as you might say, “large attachments.” I find setting up a phono cartridge the most stressful of audio-related activities, and that’s in the quiet of my home, with no pressure and all the time in the world. By contrast, Michael does it in public, with the clock ticking, an audience watching, and a high-definition video system showing a close-up of every move on the screen above and behind him.

Mikey did warn that if you were going to do the set-up, you should remove your jacket, tie, and jewelry. Once he had discarded these accouterments, he set to work installing an Ortofon cartridge on a VPI Scout LP player. As always, the clips on the leads were the wrong size for the pins on the cartridge, but this didn’t faze Mickey none.

The packed house watched enthralled, presumably waiting for Michael to bend a cantilever, snap off a stylus, or drop tiny parts on the ground. If so, they were disappointed!

As I wrote: large attachments!

Those hoping to catch Michael in action at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in October, should note that he won’t now be presenting this seminar at that show.

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We were almost disappointed when he thought he dropped a screwdriver on the ground, but then he found it.

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But not very stealthy.

The content there is not really that the Denver demo should be interesting because it's related to something you do, the content there is that you offer a setup service.

If I were the moderator I'd remove your name and your business name, and affirmatively indicate that I had done so - in other words, leave the post, but without personally identifying information.

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Perfect audiophile subject to cover!

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Elderly man futzing with his tschotchkes. I hope he finished in time for the early bird special.

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Let's see you in a tight fitting T-shirt. You should be in my shape when you're my age!

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I was given to understand you were into vinyl....

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Never mind the shape, I would just like to have some of his hair!

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Man he looks old in that picture, turntables will do that to ya.

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Pfft. He looks great! I know a lot of people his age with a lot more 'midrange spread' and wrinkles. And yeah, most also have no hair to speak of.

You guys are brutal! I would love to see readers' portraits lined up in a row. We are not a pretty bunch for the most part!

Oh wait.. that picture of the audience is pretty telling. lol...

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Not really sure why people make such a big fuss about TT set up. It really is very simple. And that little VPI Scout, just take the arm top off man instead of fiddling around with it sitting on the pivot point. VPI make decks that anyone can set up if they have a 30 minute session on the basics