Music in the Round #51 Contacts

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AcoustiSoft, 4 Lake Court, Belleville, Ontario K8P 5M8, Canada. Tel: (613) 242-0677. Web:
Dayton Audio, PO Box 52, Springboro, OH 45066-052. Tel: (937) 743-8248. Fax: (937) 743-1678. Web:
Emotiva Audio Corporation, 135 Southeast Parkway Court, Franklin, TN 37064. Tel: (877) 366-8324, (615) 790-6754. Web:
RoomEQ Wizard, John Mulcahey, Home Theater Shack. Web:
XTZ AB, Gamla Nissastigen 19, 314 41 Torup, Sweden. Tel: (46) (0)345-20049. Fax: (46) (0)345-20800. Web:

dbster's picture

I am running their USP-1 pre-amp with the XPA-2 (2 channel with higher output per channel and  more robust power supply than XPA-5) and I love it. When I read reviews in your magazine about "hearing things in the same recording I haven't heard before" I had been doubtful about this perceptual change of the same recording with different amp and pre-amp, but switching these two components in recently proved it true.

I can't attest to the longevity yet but I've called their tech support once and e-mailed once, and had reasonable answers provided quickly. I didn't call for any problem, just two curiosity questions.

So I agree it is something to recommend.

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Hi Kal,

I hope you will consider reviewing the Pro version:



Kal Rubinson's picture

Pro version received today.


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But I've read a bunch of people complaining that their Emotiva products either blew up shortly after they bought the product, and some of their products were pulled off the price list within a relatively short period of time.

Emotiva seems like a company that likes to throw up big power numbers, but I looked at the distortion levels and wasn't impressed.

When something sounds too good to be true, then it usually is.

I would look elsewhere for a realiable product.