MC Audiotech's forthcoming TL-12 loudspeaker

After I joined Emiko Carlin, Senior Vice President for T.H.E. Show, for our wrap photo op, she said, "What? You missed the opportunity to see MC Audiotech's new speaker?"

What the ever-delightful, tell-it-like-it-is and then some Emiko says, Jason does (within reason). Posing concluded, off to the 2nd floor we dashed to discover Mark Conti in the throes of packing. Quickly was the TL-12 ($TBD), due in September, unshrouded. This baby will have the same drivers as in the Forty-10 loudspeaker, arranged vertically, and coupled to a transmission-line–loaded 12" woofer. The first-order crossover frequency is 300Hz.

MC Audiotech, currently based outside Philadelphia, is setting up a dealer network. More to come.

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If so, we have lived long enough to see the grand cycle!

Direct drive tables are back, Klipsch is now regarded as Hi Fi, AMTs are ubiquitous.

We need to quick think of how to bring back dynamic range expanders, metal cassettes, and more high end equalizers. Plus, some canny manufacturer could make a stacked set that comes with its own rack.

I'm gettin' chills, they're multiplyin.'

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30 years has it been? Nice Grease reference! LMAO.