Voss Luxury Audio Seduces with PBN

This was a system tailored for mellow listening. In a room large enough for a Presidential Ball, timbres were spot on through Voss Luxury Audio gear. Whether on Dominique Fils-Aimé's oft-encountered "Birds," Stacey Kent's "The Summer We Crossed Europe in the Rain," The Bahamas' "Any Place," or an LP of vocalist Terry Evans and Dutch guitarist Hans Theessink performing "Got to Keep Moving," vocals sounded great and their accompaniment consistently smooth, laid back, and inviting.

According to John Voss, Voss components are assembled in Santa Barbara and offer extremely high bandwidth and true linearity. "Our goal is to achieve, through class-AB components, the linearity of tubes without the heat," he said. "We prefer to do in-home demos. Our goal is to allow speakers to vanish. And we're so convinced of the reliability of our equipment that we offer a 20-year warranty."

Heard: Voss stereo amp ($75,000), line stage ($50,000), and phono stage ($45,000). Speakers were PBN M3!5 ($45,000/pair; above). More products are coming...