Alma Audio Showcases Audio Alto, Hi-Fi Rose, and IsoTek

Alma Audio of San Diego went all out at T.H.E. Show, with three different rooms showcasing different products at different price points. Dominating their least-expensive room were Audio Alto's made-in-Slovenia AA 1A stereo amplifier ($1990), AA 1P preamplifier ($1990), and AA R101FR loudspeakers ($4000/pair).

The full-range loudspeaker has a bottom port that enable a frequency response of 36Hz–20kHz ±6dB. Because the cabinets are made from Slovenian Walnut, no two samples are identical. Although the speakers work best in smaller rooms with a nearfield set-up, they reportedly mate well with an inexpensive REL subwoofer.

The AA 1A stereo amplifier is a class-D design that outputs 75Wpc into 8 ohms and can output 250Wpc in mono bridged mode. Other essentials included a Hi-Fi Rose RS150B DAC/streamer ($4990), IsoTek Mosaic Genesis power conditioner ($11,995), Nemesis Acoustic Panels (from $599), Box Furniture HS3 rack ($3000), and Kubala-Sosna cabling. Ya gotta love cabling with the model names Temptation, Fascination, and Emotion.

A Red Book file of Lyle Lovett's "North Dakota" sounded more than musically pleasing; it sounded wonderful. Even more astounding was Patricia Kopatchinskaya and Teodor Currentzis' unbelievably slow and hushed rendition of the Andante from Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto. I sat mesmerized as it played through Roon software and the Hi-Fi Rose RS150 B. Thank you, Alma Audio.