SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers

Yes, it's a mouthful. And perhaps the name will change. But as for now, the new SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair ($800/pair), an active/passive self-powered combo whose 200Wpc driver amps are housed in one of the two speaker cabinets, is due out in mid-August. This is a fine-sounding alternative to a sound bar, complete with a 24/192 DAC and an active digital crossover. Connection will be either wired or wireless, with options including DTSS, Play-Fi, AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, aptX Bluetooth. Play-Fi will enable listeners to stream 24/192 signals.

There's more. Connections include HDMI, line-level, and optical, as well as subwoofer out. If you add an active subwoofer—this speaker is said to work with subs from other brands—the crossover point is 80Hz. Control is either by remote or connections on the front and rear panel. There are six presents for programming playlists and Tidal stations.

How did it sound? Surprisingly good, with convincing bass. So convincing that I asked if SVS was using a subwoofer. They were not. Nor was the sound "cheap" or brash sounding. I was extremely impressed. If these speakers perform this well in a variety of situations, they have the potential to set a new benchmark for what can be achieved at this price.

When I first entered the room, SVS was in home theater demo mode. The brief iPhone video clip above does not begin to convey the power of SVS's low end. I may not be convinced that walking into multiple major conflagrations and room-shaking explosions makes for good feng shui, but who am I to say?

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These babies plus an iPhone = bedroom system!

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That tall guy went bald from spending his life closer to the sun than you have. He is also almost an Art Dudley doppelganger.