MBL's Juergen Reis talks Digital with John Atkinson

Last week, we posted a video on AudioStream of a conversation between Juergen Reis (MBL's Chief Designer), Michael Lavorgna (AudioStream), and John Atkinson, which we filmed during CES 2017. During that same session, we also filmed a conversation between JA and Juergen that focuses more specifically on MBL's new N31 DAC, which JA will be reviewing in a future issue of Stereophile.

In this video, Juergen and JA discuss digital filters, aliasing, Nyquist ringing, USB inputs, inter-sample "overs," and many of the other arcane issues involved in DAC design.

Editor's Note: the graphs presented in this conversation do not show the N31's behavior but were chosen by JA from his measurements library to illustrate and clarify the points made.

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tx! very interesting, quite open to details, Juergen Reis from MBL!