M•A Recordings on LP

M•A Recordings' Todd Garfinkle is proud to now offer Sera Una Noche’s beautiful La Segunda—on vinyl. Garfinkle explained that the source was upsampled to 5.6MHz and that the record was then cut "on the fly." The result is "a double-DSD–mastered LP."

I also got to see and feel a sample of Garfinkle’s new inner sleeves, which he had made over the summer in Japan. As far as inner sleeves go, these are really luxurious. Made from a combination of two synthetic fibers, the material breathes, considerably lessening the possibility for mold and mildew to build up on the surface of the LP, Garfinkle explained.

Look for more vinyl titles from M•A Recordings. I’m a fan of Garfinkle’s work and I especially enjoy La Segunda, so I’m looking forward to spinning the LP. I’ll let you know how it goes.