Luxury, Musicality, Enlightenment

Earlier in our show report, Jason Victor Serinus visited with Hans-Ole Vitus of Vitus Audio, as well as Vitus’s son, Alexander, whose own company, AVM-TEC, introduced its Alluxity line of amplification components. Here’s a photo of father and son together. I love the fact that the enthusiasm and wonder for high-performance audio runs through the family.

“We didn’t even have to force him into it!” Hans-Ole Vitus said of his son’s interest in audio.

The younger Vitus began working with his father early on, helping to design and print banners and brochures. As he became more involved with Vitus Audio, his interest in the hobby grew. At last year’s show, Alexander introduced his AVM-TEC modules. Interest in those modules gradually turned toward completed designs, as seen in his Alluxity line, described by JVS.

The name Alluxity is meant to bring to mind ideas of “luxury,” “musicality,” and, of course, Alexander himself. Furthermore, Alexander explained, alluxit comes from the Latin word alluceo, which means “to enlighten.”

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---and a great story. I was in the Vitus room along with Alexander, Mat Weisfeld from VPI and Alissa Vassilkova from Estelon-- and actually felt optimistic about the future of the high end!

Ars longa, vita brevis, yadda yadda.