AVM-TEC modules and kits

I’m always encouraged when I see families at hi-fi shows, so I was happy to meet Alexander Vitus Mogensen, son of Vitus Audio founder, Hans-Ole Vitus; and I was even happier to learn that the 20-year-old Mogensen has started his own company, AVM-TEC, devoted to affordable OEM and DIY amplifier modules.

Mogensen has been working with Vitus Audio over the last five years, assisting in production and construction, and hopes to use the knowledge he’s gained to create his own successful brand. Currently, AVM-TEC offers modules in single-ended and balanced configurations, but an entire line of options will be available including modules for integrated RIAA, active crossover, DAC, and clock, as well as kits for phono and line stages. All modules and kits are said to come with guides, specifications, and “how to” suggestions.