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Line Magnetic Audio Co. Ltd., 4th Floor, Building No.2, Ping Xi Road No.6, Nanping Industry Park, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China. Tel: (86) 0756-3911927. Fax: (86) 0756-3911933 US distributor: Tone Imports: Web:

Oswalds Mill Audio. Web:

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The cabinetry of those speakers are Beautiful. Nice article Art.

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Bravo! Keep 'em comin'.

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I was surprised to see these cabinets. Have a look at these, which my father imported from the Utopia Instrument Company (Japan) more than 20 years ago:

The were inspired by this original Jensen design:

The venting system was developed by Mr. Maekawa, the president and designer at Utopia. I am not sure if Line Magnetics is contracting with Utopia to make these cabinets for them or if these are a copy, but I thought someone might be interested in seeing the lineage.

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Line Magnetic has now developed an EXACT replica of the WE755 using an Alnico magnet like the original. It is being used in Auditorium 23's new Hommage Ken speaker. My wife and I spend two days auditioning the Ken at Don Better Audio. It is wonderful. We gave in and have a pair on order.