Linn Classik CD receiver Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Remote-controlled CD receiver with clock, AM/FM tuner section, MOSFET output stage, three line-level inputs, (Aux, Tape In, Tape In) and three line-level outputs (Rec Out, Preamp Out, Headphones). User-programmable functions: Clock, Alarm, Timer (all with automatic switch-on/off). Tuner section: 80 user-definable presets. Tuning resolution: FM Mode. CD-player section: triple-beam laser, delta-sigma conversion. Amplifier Section: Power output: 75Wpc into 4 ohms (15.75dBW), nominal mains. Voltage gain: 28.5dB. Preamplifier output impedance: 100 ohms (loads above 5k ohms recommended).
Dimensions: 12.5" (320mm) W by 3.1" (80mm) H by 12.7" (325mm) D. Weight: 13.2 lbs (6kg).
Finishes: Blue, black, silver, Arktic white, Pacifik blue, Atlantik green.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 03653 "Assembled by Val Henderson" (final auditioning and measuring).
Price: $2049. Approximate number of dealers: 100.
Manufacturer: Linn Products Ltd., Floors Road, Waterfoot, Glasgow G76 0EP, Scotland, UK. Linn Inc., 4540 Southside Boulevard, Suite 402, Jacksonville, FL 32216. Tel: (904) 645-5242. Fax: (904) 645-7275. Web: