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Miyajima Laboratory/Otono-Edison, 1-45-111, Katae 5-chome, Jounan-ku, Fufuoka, 814-0142, Japan. Web: US distributor: Robyatt Audio, Web:

Sentec, Sweden. US distributor: Tone Imports. Web:


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Passion is nearly always a very good thing.

Thanks Herb.

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...does it take most of us SO many years to filter out the BS, fashionable trends, tribal pressure and upgradeitis. If I knew at 16...well, you know the rest. In Japanese art it is better to do a small thing well than a big thing poorly. I think mono vinyl is just that. Lately, I too have begun to find many stereo recordings distracting. The less spread and hard channel panning, the more I can focus on the music. Oddly, changing my listening position to VERY near field with a wide speaker angle has helped create a more stable and focused audio image. The near field position also limits room/speaker interactions and gets me closer to the studio microphones.

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As an experiment, I dropped into our local music store and listened to several active studio monitors. Despite one of them being pro grade and popular among producers, I was surprised at it's high value to price ratio, compared to home audio gear. Clearly one step much closer to the studio microphone. And, it was not overly analytical, as so many claim studio monitors are. It was very neutral and easy to listen to. It allowed me to hear very deep into the recording. Is it time for Stereophile to be reviewing such equipment as an alternative option in the service of getting us all closer to the music at a more reasonable cost? I know that Audiostream reviews high end desktop monitors, but here I'm talking about full sized, active, stand mounts which replace a lot of boxes connected by wires.

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seven inches and a great big hole, satisfaction guaranteed...

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Hi, Herb,

We actually met a long time ago, when you, Komura, Slagle, Blackie, Morrison, and other of our ilk were to be seen in the same places. The story of your journey from and to vinyl is amusing to me as one who has watched this happen to others as well. Lucky me, I never gave up my modest but carefully chosen collection despite all the other formats I have at hand. Instead, I've done odd things like mod all my turntables and arms to arrive at my present motorized and remote controlled VTA setting arm that lets me set VTA correct to a fraction of a thousandth in moments for every record to notations on a tiny post-it on the inner sleeve, there from the first time that record got played since the system went in. Like that, just to get the general flavor across.

Anyway, I have also acquired along the way a few more records in much the same sort of way you describe. Among them are a fair number of classical mono pressings that I rarely listen to if ever, being a fan of a 3D soundstage that is the province of stereo. Contact me, they could use a home where they are more appreciated, and the vacated space put to other use.


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