Ensemble Dirondo CD player Associated Components

Sidebar 2: Associated Components

Analog Source: VPI TNT HR-X turntable & tonearm, Lyra Titan cartridge.
Digital Source: Burmester 001, Simaudio Moon Eclipse CD players.
Preamplification: Burmester 011, VTL 12.5 preamplifiers; Ensemble Fonobrio phono stage; Placette remote volume control unit.
Power Amplifiers: Simaudio Moon Rock and Mark Levinson No.20.6 monoblocks, VTL S-400.
Loudspeakers: Thiel CS6.
Cables: Nirvana S-X Ltd., Audience Au24, Nordost Valhalla, Silversmith Silver speaker cables and interconnects. AC: Audience PowerChord, Synergistic Research Designers' Reference.
Accessories: Finite Elemente Pagoda equipment rack; Nordost ECO3, Audience Auric Illuminator, Disc Doctor, Disksolution CD cleaning/treatment fluids; MIT ZCenter power-conditioning system, AudioPrism NoiseSniffer AC line analyzer, QuietLine AC filters; VPI HW 16.5 record-cleaning machine & cleaning fluid; Zerodust Onzow, Lyra SPT stylus cleaners; SSC component feet; Echo Busters room-treatment devices.—Brian Damkroger

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