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Not a particularly good sounding DAC, especially when compared to a Benchmark DAC1. My DACMagic Plus gave out after only a few years which shouldn't happen to a quality piece of equipment. A DAC shouldn't be noisy in the right channel. Very annoying!! Also, Cambridge Tech support AND customer support was awful. Their answer to my problems: "stuff happens".
I will be staying away from this company's products from now on. BE FORWARNED!!!

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I have been using a Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus for about 5 years now. I accidentally saw the previous review / comment after a google search (for something else actually) and would have ignored it... Except that my experience was so different that I wondered if it might have been a "Schill" posting. My DacMagic Plus has been giving me excellent service for YEARS now. My understanding is that in England, at the time when it was released, other better-sounding DACs were available for about the same price. However, out here in Canada those "other" units were only being sold at the boutique audiophile stores at MUCH higher prices than what I paid for this item.

1) Considering the price (IIRC I paid about $250 at Vision Canada at the time) it has some pretty cool features - the ability to change filter characteristics is particularly cool
2) I added the Bluetooth receiver kit - and can stream music directly to it, even from my phone...
3) ...When I'm not using one of the other direct inputs - USB, Optical etc - on it.
4) Heck, one day when it gets too old I'll use it as a headphone amp - with it's handy dandy headphone socket and volume control.
5) It has proven to be reliable, very-low-noise-floor for 5 plus years now.
6) To this day, the sound is crisp, clear with a wide soundstage. I listen 99.9% of the time to Classical and Operatic music, your mileage may vary if you're into other genres.

1) The on/off button is stiff as heck. Should have been a touch control like the other buttons!
2) The fact that it runs off a "wall-wart" style power supply is somewhat weird, however it is "only a DAC and the line out should never exceed about 200 millivolt anyway - at least the remote power supply is perfectly quiet.
3) Every time I have to get up to change the input to a different source, I cuss under my breath b/c it REALLY should have had a remote control - could have used it as a Mini-PreAmp otherwise!

Hope this helped somebody, somewhere.

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