John DeVore & the Gibbon X

DeVore is a name that's no stranger to Stereophile readers, two DeVore Fidelity models being listed in "Recommended Components," and designer John DeVore often mentioned in Stephen Mejias' blog. The Gibbon X ($11,000/pair) is a new three-way floorstanders, featuring all NewGen drivers, including a woofer that is 50% larger than the woofer of the original Gibbon and has double the linear voice-coil travel. The new midrange driver has a phase plug for improved transient performance, and has its own chamber. With the LP of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington playing on the system that included the Gibbon Xs (Well Tempered Lab turntable and arm, Audio Research electronics), I was sorry that I had to leave to continue on my rounds.

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$11K for a conventional tower speaker? Seriously? What gives? I went on the Devore website hoping for more info on what could possibly explain this exhorbitant price but alas, no info on this new model, plus virtually no info on any of the current models.

I'm running a pair of PSB Synchrony Two towers that retail at $3,500 a pair and I do not believe for one second this model is three times as good. The PSB also has three woofers with tweeter placed under the first one. Very similar array to the Devore. Beautifully built. A third of the price. This is not respectful to audio fans.

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Haven't heard the Devore X (yet!) but I've heard the gibbon 9s (less money) and your PSBs many times (in a bunch of different systems) And to even suggest they are in the same league is a total joke.

The fit and finish is no comparison either, Devore's are competing with way more expensive speakers--the PSBs are fine for the money, but they can't touch the 9s.

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I hate to be disrespected, so I decided to use King99's scientific methods myself: Looking at pictures of different speakers I was able to determine that even King99 was ripped off, and by the very same company that makes his speakers! The PSB Image T6 speakers also have "three woofers with the tweeter placed under the first one" but sell for less than half the price of his Synchrony twos! Terrible! And then I looked further and found the Polk TSi400, also "three woofers with the tweeter placed under the first one" and these sell for $599 pair! Poor King99, he must not feel very respected.