Magico S5 Loudspeaker

While Magico's recent high-performance speakers are notable for their all-aluminum cabinet construction, including the Q5 that was our 2011 "Loudspeaker of the Year," the new S5 ($28,600/pair) uses a more conventional enclosure to bring its price within reach of more than just the 1%. While it still uses a beryllium-dome tweeter, this is not made in house.

Dan Moroboshi's picture

Is it possible to imagine a book-shelf or stand-mount version of 'S' family from Magico?

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No, sorry.  If you can afford $28,600 for a pair of speakers, you are *definitely* in the 1%.

In my opinion, if you spent more than $5000 on your speakers, you are either an obsessed audiophile, or you're in the 1%.

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..that they are made completely out of aluminum..

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Expensive yes. *Definitely*1% no.  No one assumes the blue collar worker who saves to buy his dream muscle car is in the 1%, yet the cost can be just as much if not more than the cost of the Magico S5's. 

You have to give us middle class audiophiles hope that we can one day own a pair of Magico speakers cause lord knows 99% of us wont make the 1%.