Arcam FMJ CD23 CD player Measurements page 3

Finally, the spectrum of jitter products in the Arcam's analog output (fig.8), produced with the Miller Audio Research Jitter Analyzer, revealed low jitter, at 214 picoseconds p-p. The sidebands marked with purple numeric markers in this graph are due to a modulating tone at 18.6Hz and its harmonics. The pair of sidebands marked with a brown "3" lie at ±60Hz, and are due to the power supply. These are very low in level, however, as are the data-related sidebands, marked with red numerals.

Fig.8 Arcam FMJ CD23, high-resolution jitter spectrum of analog output signal (11.025kHz at -6dBFS with LSB toggled at 229Hz). Center frequency of trace, 11.025kHz; frequency range, ±0.5kHz.

Other than the very slightly high level of the noise floor, this is state-of-the-art measured performance for a CD player. Like LB, I wonder why Arcam didn't incorporate a digital data input to allow the CD23's superb DAC to be used to decode other data sources.—John Atkinson

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