Arcam FMJ CD23 CD player Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital source: EAD CD-1000 CD player, Audio Alchemy DDS III CD transport, Audio Alchemy DTI v2.0 jitter filter, and Audio Alchemy DDE v3.0 D/A converter.
Line Preamplifier: Anthem PRE 1L.
Power amplifier: SimAudio Celeste 4070se.
Loudspeakers: Thiel CS.5.
Cables: Digital: Audio Alchemy I2S, Kimber/Illuminati DV-75. Interconnects: Synergistic Research Alpha, Looking Glass; TARA Labs RSC Gen.II. Speaker: Cardas Crosslink 1. AC: Audio Power Industries Power Enhancer, Power Link.
Accessories: Audio Power Industries Power Wedge 110, 116 AC line conditioners; Audience Auric Illuminator CD treatment; Bright Star Audio Big Rocks; Michael Green and DH Cones footers; Salamander audio racks; RoomTunes CornerTunes; homebrewed sound-absorption panels.—Lonnie Brownell

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