47 Laboratory 4706 Gaincard power amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog source: Linn LP12 turntable (fully updated), Linn Ittok tonearm, AudioQuest AQ-7000nsx cartridge.
Digital source: PS Audio Lambda II CD transport, Perpetual Technologies P-1A/ModWright P-3A digital processors.
Preamplifier: Convergent Audio Technology SL-1 Ultimate.
Loudspeakers: Avantgarde Acoustic Uno 2.0.
Cables: Digital: Mystic Reference I2S, Illuminati Orchid AES/EBU. Interconnect: Nordost Quattro Fil, Nirvana S-L. Speaker: Nordost SPM, Nirvana S-L with Avantgarde Uno 2.0 wiring harness. AC: PS Audio Lab Cable, Mini Lab Cable, TARA Labs Decade.
Accessories: Monolithic Sound P3 power supply, PS Audio P300 AC synthesizer and High Current Ultimate Outlet, Argent RoomLenses (4), Bright Star Little Rock (atop CD transport), Shakti stone (atop Monolithic Sound P3 power supply), VPI DB-5 "magic bricks" (atop Perpetual Technologies digital processors), Arcici Suspense Rack, Vistek Aurios MIB and Symposium Rollerblock component supports, PolyCrystal amplifier stand, Furutech RD-1 CD demagnetizer, Auric Illuminator CD treatment.—Robert Deutsch

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