Technical Audio Devices (TAD) amplifier

Technical Audio Devices (TAD) was showing off new monoblock power amplifiers to attach to their well-known line of speakers. The M600 amplifiers ($26,500 each) feature a graphite cast iron monoque construction to help eliminate vibration. Though imposing in size (they weigh 198 lbs each!) the TAD amps feature only one stage of voltage gain. The M600 also features a 22lb transformer, custom-built 33,000µF capacitors, and can put out 600W into 4 ohms. They accept only balanced inputs and will be available in February 2010.

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Yes, a TAD imposing indeed...I'm surprised no one has used it before in High-End Audio.Usually reserved for high-end engine blocks.Nascar style and such.Compact graphite cast iron is the correct term.Ductile cast iron has in fact better damping.So TAD must have found the CGI to work better somehow. A side effect is that more power remains in the transistor, if one should make an analogy with a gazoline engine... The analogy, could be a TAD incorrect...

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Tube Audio Design,LLC (yes another TAD) is producing a limited edition sand cast iron dual mono 200W/ch "Foundry 202" stereo power amplifier with 24k gold RCA only inputs, MIT style posts and cast iron spike heels. Weighs 40-pounds, (18-lb dual toroid transformers). The tube sounding Hibachi-II solid state TAD amplifier design taken to a new level. $36,990. Handmade in USA by the designer. Available March 2010. email: for details.