Peachtree iDecco

Peachtree scored a hit last year with their Decco desktop DAC/Amp combo. They've returned with an updated version of the original Decco called the Decco2 which is available now for $799 and sports a 40 watts per channel tube hybrid integrated amp and ESS Sabre DAC.

New to the mix is the $999 iDecco (pictured above) that includes a "pure digital" iPod dock up top. The rest of the specifications are similar to the Decco2, and the size and form factor for both products is the same as with the original Decco. Peachtree's David Solomon points out that their iPod dock connects your player directly to the DAC for the simplest digital signal path.

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More cool stuff from Peachtree. These guys are amongst the most innovative in the biz, and continue to develop product that excellent in performance and quality and are long on the value-equation, which is pretty dang rare in the world of high-margin high-end audio. Their shared room with Zu at RMAF with the Nova and Zu Essence was one of the best rooms at that show and the screamin' value proposition of the convention.

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Is this using the special Apple info in the same way the Wadia ipod dock does ? This is implied but not stated in what I have seen - if it does then it is a true alternative. If not then it may be hard to justify the extra $200 if one already owns a decent stand alone dock. Does anyone actually know ? Thanks

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I was told that yes, the iDecco takes the data from the iPod in digital form.

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Vincent,Yes, this dock bypasses the DAC in the iPod and goes straight to the DAC in the Decco, just like the Wadia. I talked to Peachtree's Jim Spainhour (sic?) about this at RMAF, and when they approachd Apple about a getting a license to do this, Apple said. "C'mon down, we know all about you guys....(meaning Signal Path Intl., the parent company). When they arrived they found their Apple contact had a Decco and Era Design 4 speakers on this desk. So, Apple is a big fan of Peachtree, apparently.

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Hi- guys thanks for your clarification. Looks like I should order one. The challenge now will be which speakers for this office/meeting room application - eg John Blue JB3 or JB4; Peachtree DS4.5; my spare Epos ELS 3 anything else you might suggest for a vocal lover (e.g. Diana Krall who is touring here in downunder in seven weeks time).many thanks from Sydney - Vincent

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Hello. I was looking at the idecco the other day. It looks like a good audio solution to all the digital media available these days. I currently owe an arcam solo (music) and am considering replacing it with the idecco. My other option would be to purchase a dac and keep the solo. I'm somewhat of a minimalist and like the idea of have an ipod dock, dac and amp in one unit but don't want to sacrifice audio quality. Could anyone be able to compare the sound quality of the idecco to the solo? Thanks for your help.

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I believe the guys from Peachtree Audio are moving in the absolutely right direction.Not only do they take the most logic steps in creating this iDecco, but they also invite people who don't want to spend half a years salary on a hi-fi system to enjoy hi-fi quality sound.The fact that the optimization of the quality of the digital source coincides with the integration of the different parts in one single device, as well as with a radical change in the price-quality relation of hi-fi, is revolutionary. My question is if they plan on releasing a Nova with an iPod dock?Why not make only one product with all the 5 functions, but in different price/quality categories.It would be interesting to have, let's say 3-4 price options with increasingly better DAC, headphone amp, tube preamp and integrated amp and iPod dock. That is, a linear price category subdivision within the same product. I mean, if they also make the ERA speakers. I'd buy a product 4 times the value and matching speakers for the same price.

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I purchased the iDecco after a brief listen. I have owned a ton of high end gear(Audio Research, Meridian,Martin Logan, etc.), and this "low" price gear is just delightful. I would love to see these guys create the same device in just a preamp format with balanced outs. Maybe at the same price, or even a little higher, but putting the extra dollars into the preamp components. I would buy another one!