Stereo Haven, Dynavector, Well Tempered Lab, Lejonklou, JM Reynaud

Audiophile dream team Mike Pranka (Dynavector, Well Tempered Lab, JM Reynaud) and Charlie Schnyder (Stereo Haven) transformed room 624 into a sonic oasis. This well-tuned system made up of meticulously curated equipment delivered precision and nuance.

The system included the Dynavector XX-2 cartridge ($TBD) in a world debut, a Well Tempered Lab Amadeus Jr. turntable ($3350), a Lejonklou Entity MC phono stage ($2795), a Lejonklou Boazu integrated amplifier ($4195), and a pair of JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilee loudspeakers with matching Magic stands ($3500/pair). Necessaries included a a NOKtable turntable stand ($999) and vintage Linn Silver interconnects and Linn 100 speaker cables.

The Well Tempered turntable stole the show. Pranka and Schnyder expertly showcased its precision with a diverse selection of records, from the rhythmic energy of Brazilian innovator Jorge Ben to the golden-hued guitar of Wes Montgomery. The JM Reynaud speakers were small, but they delivered glorious tone and a soundstage populated by intricate images. This system wasn't about creating "wow" moments, but it was a masterclass in balance and musicality, testament to the power of a dialed-in setup.

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Who wouldn't want to listen to a system described that way? And for a relative bargain in this hobby.
I wish I could have been there to hear this system. Love its simplicity. JMR speakers are some of the best kept secrets in all of audio. I've owned their speakers in one form or another since 2000. Every time I have strayed from them, I end up returning to them. FYI, I think the new Dynavector is the XX-2A? In any event, the XX-2 in its previous incarnation is one of the best cartridges if you listen to a steady diet of 60s and 70s rock. I may have to treat myself to it.