Notable Audio, DeVore Fidelity, J. Sikora, Aidas, Wireworld

In Jeff Fox's Notable Audio room, a potential snag turned to genius, when a countertop that wouldn't budge required ditching stuffy seating and letting the equipment sprawl across the counter and floor, transforming the space into an inviting lounge.

Fox presented a J. Sikora Initial Turntable ($10,750) with an Origin Live Zephyr 12” Tonearm ($1700) and an Aidas Durawood Cartridge ($4950). A Sutherland TZ Vibe transimpedance phono preamp ($1400) fed a Naim Uniti Nova integrated amplifier ($6899) and two sets of DeVore Fidelity speakers: micr/Os ($3950/pair) and O/babys ($5700/pair). Wireworld Cables handled connection duties.

Fox's novel arrangement created a relaxed feeling that made the music more enjoyable. Attendees moved freely, soaking it all in. Some lingered, captivated, while others got hands-on with the systems before moving on.

Robert Sikora was in the room to discuss his Initial Turntable and KV MAX 12” Tonearm ($8995). That left Fox free to spin records, including PM Dawn’s The Bliss Album, which unleashed bass with insane extension for such small speakers, and focus. DeVore’s copy of hip-hop party record The Ghetto, by Too Short, played tight, fast, and streamlined: hip-hop straight to the head. What most caught my ear was Beck’s Morning Phase. Many systems are challenged to cleanly capture the scale and low-end tonnage of this record, but this “lounge” system handled it with aplomb.

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I was in and it was the first time I had ever heard DeVore speakers. The O/Babys were playing and DAMN! They are on a potential list of future speaker upgrades if I ever do it. I mean they were so musical and really did dig in to get bass.

I can't remember everything I heard, but a Kraftwerk Remixes album sounded amazing. No doubt 13-14K of turntable helped quite a bit here, but those speakers reproduce music far above their size/price imho.

The Big DeVores in the other room were amazing as well of course, but at $30K they damn well better be.